Cross-Border Payments Are the New Black

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Did you miss our CEO, Ralph Dangelmaier, speaking at ETA TRANSACT 15 today in San Francisco? Not to worry – here’s your summary straight from the source.


Cross-border payments are taking over eCommerce! You could even say that cross-border is the new black. So, let’s take it from the start – eCommerce is expected to be $1.6 trillion dollars in 2015, and is growing at 20%. Opening up an avenue in the eCommerce market is clearly a step in the right direction. This is especially important because the world is completely connected at this point, not having a smartphone these days is worse than not having bell-bottoms in the 60’s. 3 billion people have access to the Internet – there are not even enough working toilets in the world to allow everyone to use their mobile phone while on one (7.3 billion mobile phones to 4.5 billion toilets) – now that is a situation.


Speaking of mobile phones, we will continue along the path of eCommerce to mention that mCommerce is currently representing 27% of all global eCommerce and will grow 47% from 2012 to 2018. So, this shows that a lot of people are buying from their phones! If you have an eCommerce site that is not mobile-friendly, you should fix that tout de suite! Paying with mobile has become so popular that many companies have made their own mobile wallets. It all started with Starbucks, who capitalized on their mobile-loving cappuccino-heads market early. In fact, 90% of all mobile sales were made via the Starbucks app in 2013. Now we have tons of players in the game: ApplePay, Alipay, PayPal, Google wallet, Samsung Pay – the list goes on and on and is rapidly expanding.


So now we have come full circle: eCommerce is huge, mobile is growing, and there are tons of payment players in the game. Now – here’s the differentiator – who is going to take you global? Cross-border eCommerce is valued at $105 billion today and is expected to grow at 63%; not to mention, 82% of shoppers have made a cross-border purchase online. So – you’ve got eCommerce, you’ve got mobile, and now you’re wondering where to go? CROSS-BORDER! Opening up your market to international shoppers is a huge step in the right direction for players who want to keep their spot in line – if you are only reaching shoppers in 1 country, you are missing out on 194 others – that’s a lot of potential customers.


Want to go cross-border but don’t know where to start? Fear not, we have created a handy chart of the Top 10 Fastest-Growing Global eCommerce Countries that are a good place to start. Click here to download.


Want to chat with someone from BlueSnap about your cross-border growth strategy? Click here:


Global Payments Madness 2015!

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Happy March Madness everyone! In the true spirit of this time of year, we thought we would have a little fun experimenting with our alternative payment methods (in bracket form, of course). There are over 500+ payment types in the world – we just chose a small sliver of the market to play with to illustrate some of the local payment types needed to reach global shoppers. See below to check out our attempt at a bracket for the Sweet Sixteen, Elite Eight, and Final Four in what we like to call “Global Payments Madness 2015″!


Global Payments Madness 2015


So, what is the method to our madness (no pun intended)? Let us explain:

We tried to pit similar payment types against each other – bank card against bank card, wallet against wallet, etc. Then we used industry data in order to decide who would beat whom (and of course, we had to have a couple upsets). In the interest of not talking your ear off about why we picked each of the winners, let’s just take a look at the Final Four.

Why Alipay?

For starters, China is the fastest growing eCommerce market in the world, growing at a rate of 35% in 2014 to $426.26 billion. In this massive market, 29% of people are using Alipay – that’s a significant chunk considering the other payment methods that are popular there as well (Online bank transfer, China UnionPay, etc.). Not to mention, there are 8.5 million transactions processed daily with this payment method. If you don’t accept Alipay on your site, you are missing the biggest market on the planet.

Why Carte Bleue?

Carte Bleue may be an underdog, but, France is the sixth fastest growing eCommerce country in the world. In terms of preferred payment methods, 95% of French people choose credit and debit card (of which the most prominent is Carte Bleue). 32 million people use this payment method, and although it may be French-specific, there is a huge opportunity if you are able to accept Carte Bleue on your online store.

Why Giropay?

Another upset, but, we just could not ignore Germany’s prowess in the eCommerce payment scheme. Deciding between Sofort and giropay was hard, but unfortunately Sofort’s bracket was too difficult for them to pull out a win. While Germany is in fifth place for the fastest growing eCommerce country (valued at $63.38 billion and growing at 22%), 40% of Germans are using online payment methods (such as giropay and Sofort). And, on giropay, there are 1 million transactions per month. Don’t miss out on Germany and surrounding European countries by ignoring these payment methods.

Why PayPal?

Coming in at a whopping 9.3 million payments each day, we thought that PayPal was a good bet to get into the Final Four. PayPal is a widely accepted alternative payment method, and out of the top ten fastest growing countries, four of them are heavy PayPal users (United States, United Kingdom, France, and Canada). 161.5 million people trust PayPal with an account (does your site trust them, too?), so we had to pick them.


The jury is still out on the winner of Global Payments Madness, but fear not, there is still time. Have an opinion? We’d love to hear it – comment on our blog or tweet us @BlueSnapInc.

Shopping Cart (Abandonment) Gone Wild!

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Shopping cart abandonment is a real problem for online merchants. Studies show that an average of 67% of carts are abandoned – that’s a lot of lonely carts! Below you will find 5 suggestions for how you can keep those carts full and guide them all the way to your checkout.


shoppping cart beach


Don’t forget international shoppers! Our focus includes them as well. Global shoppers are looking for a personal experience when they check out – and yes, this means including things such as local language, payment type, and currency during the checkout process. If they can’t read what they are buying – do you think they will even give you a second thought? Nein!


One other interesting thing to note – coupons! A lot of online shoppers are looking to get a deal on their purchase and often will abandon their cart without a discount – set yourself apart from the competition by offering coupons or vouchers to your customers (and make them visible on your site!).


And don’t forget taxes & shipping. Shoppers that are surprised by unexpected fees will bolt 28% of the time so be sure to display this clearly. In fact, free shipping is quickly becoming expected so consider offering it to seal the deal.


5 Must Haves to Retain Global Shoppers


To download a copy of the PDF, click here: 5 Must Haves to Retain Global Shoppers


Got any other suggestions for where your shopping carts can end up? Interested in learning more tactics for how you can decrease shopping cart abandonment rates? We would be happy to guide your carts. Click here to get in contact with someone at BlueSnap!


We look forward to speaking with you!


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Rainbows, Shamrock Shakes, Hosted Payment Pages and a Pot-o-Gold

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From the desk of our very own Peter Caparso:

A couple years ago after being battered by a New England winter that wouldn’t stop (much like the one this year, ugh), my family and I made an impromptu trip to Hawaii to soak up the sun. After a 16+ hour trip, we arrived to a rainy, wet day in paradise. On the drive to the hotel, just like a Hollywood movie – the rain stopped, the clouds cleared and a beautiful rainbow appeared in the sky. Jokingly I said to my family, let’s follow it and see where it takes us. As we chased the rainbow, we found ourselves staring at a McDonald’s parking lot with a huge sign advertising Shamrock Shakes for a limited time! Luckily for my family, we had found our pot of gold that day.
Now you might be wondering, what does my reminiscing have to do with eCommerce or payments? Well, similar to my McDonald’s adventure, many companies today are making an effort to maximize monetization efforts – aka, looking for where their payments rainbow can lead them.

Luckily for you, I am providing a rainbow solution for you: Hosted Payment pages – say it with me now! Hosted payment pages can make a world of hurt turn into a world of gold when getting your online checkout up and running.

Working with a payment provider that offers a hosted payment page makes the process of going on-line easy, fast and simple – and can result in a revenue up-tick (or your own personal pot of gold). By using a hosted payment page that provides out-of-the-box, easy formatting, you can design and implement checkout pages in a short period of time – this quick start-up time will allow you to get on-line quickly and, most importantly, start capturing sales right away.

But fear not leprechauns, sales are not the only pot of gold in the world of hosted payment pages. In addition to the money stream, by working with a hosted page option, the PCI compliance responsibility is almost completely eliminated for you! This allows you to focus on your core business offerings.

peter hawaii

We have all been in the car when the rain stops and the clouds part ways opening up to a beautiful rainbow. Perhaps on one of these occasions, you should chase your rainbow to find your pot of gold.

Your Mission, Should You Choose To Accept It: Intelligent Payment Routing!

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Looking for new ways to increase sales conversions? Look no further. The secret you’ve been missing is: intelligent payment routing! It is an easy way to increase sales without actually having to sell more (and who doesn’t want that?). What is it, you ask? Intelligent payment routing is essentially a connection to multiple banks all over the world – this connection helps you process transactions more successfully by detecting where the shopper’s credit card is from and processing it through a bank that is authorized in that country/region. This can increase transaction success rates by up to 10% – don’t lose out on your hard-earned money!

Sound like a good deal? – Have you chosen to accept this mission? Read on below for more on how to make your transactions more successful!: intelligent payment routing

To download a PDF of our top secret files: click here.


Feel free to listen along to this while you’re reading your new mission - we couldn’t get it out of our heads this whole week!:


BlueSnap is happy to help you on your route to transaction success. To see how you can get started processing payments with BlueSnap’s intelligent payment routing, click here:


Conference Season Heats Up: CNP Expo Update!

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From the desk of our very own Ralph Dangelmaier:


I am so excited to be a keynote speaker at the 2015 CNP Expo! Run by the talented team at Card Not Present, this year’s show will be held May 18-21 at Caribe Royale Orlando. This three-day event will focus entirely on e-commerce / CNP payment issues and foster an open and frank dialogue with respected experts from every corner of the CNP space.


During my keynote, I will address all of those “crazy” college experimentation days of yours. Okay, not really, but I will discuss my theory that this year is the year for your company to experiment with payments like you’re back in college. I have the great pleasure of speaking with the Editor-in-Chief, D.J. Murphy, to have a discussion about these experiments in the upcoming year. We will discuss a couple main things:

  • Cross-border eCommerce: not selling cross-border? Step up to the plate!
  • Omnichannel: though it may be trumping bitcoin as the most overused eCommerce buzzword, learn some tactics for how to become an omnichannel business
  • Apple Pay and Mobile Payments: The wallet wars have begun!
  • Beacons, Social Payments, and other emerging technologies: we’ve seen many companies start experimenting with new types of payments (SnapCash, anyone?) and project to see many more coming in the future


I hope to see you all there and hear some of your theories on these experiments as well.


Looking for a good deal? Go to the CNP Expo website and use code bluesnap20off for 20% off registration!


By the way, we are also nominated for a couple awards at the CNP Expo, please consider voting for us – we would really appreciate it!

  • Best Alternative Payment Solution
  • Best E-commerce Platform / Gateway
  • Best Subscription/Recurring Billing Program


Click the picture below to be taken to the ballot:


Newest Customer Success Story: MyLife!

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We are pleased to announce one of our newest customers, MyLife. MyLife is an online service that helps people protect their privacy, reputation and identity against stalkers, thieves and others with malicious intentions; it’s like an online body guard! Since Generation Y spends over 50 days a year on the Internet, we see the real world application for this service.

Photo credit:


Founded in LA in 2012, MyLife started to outgrow their American roots and wanted a payment gateway that could foster sales and subscription revenue outside of the US as well. Luckily we were there to help them bridge the gap to sell over the pond!


We have been working closely with MyLife to adjust their transaction processes and settings to give them the most efficient processing possible. We ironed out all the kinks and they were live at the beginning of February.


Our partnership with MyLife started only three weeks ago and since then MyLife has already seen a significant uplift in payment authorization rates, increasing both initial and recurring revenue for MyLife. “Our goal is to help merchants convert more shoppers into buyers, and we continue to see a 10 to 20 percent increase in conversions for our merchants,” said Ralph, CEO of BlueSnap. “MyLife provides an outstanding example of how our intelligent payment technology can drive increases in sales and revenue. We’re very proud of the results they have achieved with us.”


We are happy to share this story with all of our followers and hope to continue to help merchants sell globally in a snap and increase their sales!


Interested in how you can increase your conversions with BlueSnap?:


The Where’s Waldo of eCommerce: Where’s the Biggest Global ROI?

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As a business owner, there is always one question on your mind: how am I going to grow my business? Sometimes it’s not always the easiest question to answer. There are many ways to grow a business, however, as the world is becoming flatter and flatter, there is an increasingly large opportunity for businesses who expand globally (in fact, it is a 4 trillion dollar growth opportunity!). Making your business internationally friendly is a step in the right direction for those who are looking to grow their businesses.

Now you might be thinking, okay, but where do I start? Luckily for you, we’ve created a list of ten countries with the largest eCommerce market size. These are the countries where you should expand into in order to get the biggest global ROI. We have also included other key items to consider to ensure you get the greatest return – such as local language, currency, and popular alternative payment methods – now you can get the ball rolling on making your page as local as possible while expanding globally!

Download our report here.

wheres waldo map

Not convinced? Here are some success stories of BlueSnap customers who have expanded globally and gotten huge returns:

• We had a merchant who was seeing payment conversion rates of 82% when shoppers from Canada were paying in USD. However, when they switched the currency to CAN the conversion rate increased to 98%. A 16% increase on conversions can make a huge difference in profits!

• Our merchant Disruptor Beam turned on international currencies and was able to expand into over 100 countries in a snap.

• Another one of our customers who went global and acted local saw:
- 53.1% of 2013 sales generated by non-English speaking customers
- 39% of 2013 sales generated in non-USD currencies
- Up to 17% of sales per month were paid through alternative payments


Partnering with the right payment gateway can be the first step in conquering your connection to the world. We at BlueSnap are happy to be your Christopher Columbus and help you navigate these foreign waters. To see how you can get started today, click here:



We look forward to talking with you!


The Express Train To Subscription Optimization

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Interested in how you can make your subscription services even better? All aboard our subscription optimization engine!

For those of you who have subscriptions implemented in your business model, you understand that creating subscription services is a marathon, not a sprint.

Setting up subscriptions that will be successful for both you and your customers is often a lengthy, multi-step process that needs to be carefully experimented with and analyzed. To help you get to your final destination in this process, BlueSnap has created a high-speed train for you to get on to reach full subscription optimization.

To get a leg up on your competition, follow these four suggestions to make your subscription business better than Thomas the Tank Engine could have ever imagined!



To download the PDF of our subscription engine, click here: The Express Train to Subscription Optimization



Welcome BlueSnap to the Windy City!

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We have recently announced our plans to open an office in Chicago. The windy city will officially have a new global payment gateway right in its famous Wicker Park neighborhood. We are also sensing the irony here considering our office will be located above the Wormhole Café, which houses its very own Delorean (the car from Back to the Future). Maybe we are more like Marty McFly and Doc Brown than we thought! Payment predictions anyone?

We’d like you to meet the first four fearless employees of this office, who have a combined experience of over 20 years of selling in the payment space. They’re excited to help BlueSnap expand our global sales, and we trust they will do an amazing job.

Here are some fun tidbits about the guys:

Rob – Rob loves trying new restaurants, but when he goes home hungry, he turns to his favorite snack – Doritos.




Loren – Loren is a technology fiend, but never lets his lips get dry while he is on his computer as he is an avid user of original flavored Chapstick.




Brett – This one time, Brett ate so much watermelon he had to go to the hospital.




Eric – Eric loves music, so much so that he took the part of Sandy in his all-boys-school rendition of Grease.



Please join us in welcoming our new guys and new office to BlueSnap!