Our Product Team's Guide to Fraud Prevention

October 01, 2015 ~ Mike Misasi ~ Leave a comment


Every eCommerce business has to have a fraud prevention solution in place. Stolen credit card numbers are so readily available that all ecommerce business are vulnerable to attack. It’s as simple as that.


Each merchant’s risks are different though. Small ticket items are appealing to card testers. Large ticket items risk being unrecoverable after shipment. Subscriptions and digital content also have unique threats. Fraud patterns can also vary depending on the geographies in which products are marketed. These are just a few examples. We give you the tools to optimize the fraud strategy that is best for your business. 


How to Stay Ahead of the Fight Against Fraud

September 30, 2015 ~ Sharon Troia ~ Leave a comment


Fraud is on the rise increasing 94% from 2013 to 2014 according to a 2015 fraud report by LexisNexis. It's not too surprising since there have been so many major data breaches over the last year giving fraudsters access to millions of payment details and personal information. This combined with the trend to make the checkout process as slim and frictionless as possible has made it even easier for fraudsters to take advantage of card not present and mobile transactions. With a combination of customizable fraud rules and the right banking relationships on the back end, we've been able to help our merchants reduce their fraud by 89% in 2015. Our CEO, Ralph Dangelmaier, sits down with Market Platform Dynamics CEO Karen Webster to discuss how merchants should be tackling this problem. Listen to the 11 min podcast

3 UI Improvements You Can Make to Go Global with Hosted Checkout Pages

September 24, 2015 ~ Karin Biberstain ~ Leave a comment


Hosted checkout pages can sometimes get a bad rap because people often associate them with having to leave your page and put in their payment information somewhere else. But those days of hosted pages are over - now you can completely brand your pages and keep customers checking out on your site. Not to mention, using hosted pages is the easiest way to reach global shoppers (they have incredible localization capabilities), with no development time needed. If we haven’t already convinced you, here are 3 other reasons that hosted pages can increase your shoppers’ UI experience.

How Snapchat’s Newest Feature Could Affect Mobile Payments

September 22, 2015 ~ Hanna Wolsfelt ~ Leave a comment


In case you haven’t heard, Snapchat has a new update. Yes, you can now barf rainbows and pretend you’re the terminator to your friends, but what about this new “replay” feature they’ve introduced? If you’re constantly missing your friends’ one-second snaps, this feature may be for you. For a small fee of just 99 cents for three replays, you can now recapture those lost snaps. But after all of the hype, what does this pay-to-play feature mean for the greater world of mobile payments?

PayPal for Subscriptions? Yes please!

September 17, 2015 ~ Hanna Wolsfelt ~ Leave a comment


Did you know that you can leverage our subscription engine while accepting multi-currency PayPal payments? All of the functionality of our subscription engine can be used alongside this payment type: custom subscription models (weekly, monthly, etc.), on demand subscriptions, change charge dates and amounts, etc. Sound interesting? We thought so.


And Our Global eCommerce Survey Says…

September 15, 2015 ~ Hanna Wolsfelt ~ Leave a comment


Last week at Inbound 2015, the BlueSnap team set out to be data gatherers. We were hoping there would be a plethora of eCommerce businesses, and boy were we pleasantly surprised with the awesome people we met. We had a survey set up at our booth to gauge the global appetite of these businesses, and the results were definitely eye opening. What were these businesses selling online? Are subscriptions really as popular as we think? Did these businesses have an international customer base? Read on for our analysis of these questions and more.


Why Inbound Marketing Can Only Take You So Far in eCommerce

September 10, 2015 ~ Hanna Wolsfelt ~ Leave a comment


We’ve been at Inbound 2015 in Boston all this week, and our heads are full of facts and figures about inbound marketing and how to take advantage of this revolutionary idea to promote your business and convert customers. Whether it's using new analytics tools to create content targeted for specific customers or how to become a social media maven, inbound marketing is no doubt the new black. However, once you get customers converting into buyers, are you losing sales because your checkout process is too complicated?

Product Feature Spotlight: Account Updater

September 08, 2015 ~ Hanna Wolsfelt ~ Leave a comment


Let's face it, people lose their credit cards all the time. For customers, the waiting period is usually several days to get their new card. Then they call, get it activated, and the buying begins. But what about you, the provider of their very favorite video streaming subscription? Well, if the customer forgets about the fact that they have a subscription service with you, and you can’t get the new card information from them, you may be leaving up to 10% of your subscription sales behind.  

Mythbusters: 5 Myths About Payments

August 27, 2015 ~ Hanna Wolsfelt ~ Leave a comment


Just call us the Mythbusters, because this week we’re dropping some knowledge that refutes some of the myths you may have heard wandering around on the eCommerce street corners. From credit cards, to EMV, to checkout pages (oh, my), we’re helping you debunk these myths to create the most successful eCommerce site possible.  

Coffee Powers Scott Fitzgerald to Join BlueSnap

August 19, 2015 ~ Hanna Wolsfelt ~ Leave a comment


We are pleased to announce that we have a new member to our team! Scott Fitzgerald is our new SVP of Marketing. Scott comes to BlueSnap with a blend of marketing, sales and general management experience in payments and enterprise technology. Scott most recently worked at ACI Worldwide where he held VP-level positions in product management and marketing. During his tenure at ACI, Scott was instrumental in the company’s global rebranding and in expressing the vision and strategy for ACI Universal Payments. Prior to joining ACI, Scott held senior sales and marketing positions at CA Technologies. His ultimate goal at every job is to give the customers a voice, and he certainly plans to bring this to BlueSnap as well.