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Fall Conference Recap – 6 Conferences, 4 weeks and lots of colorful discussions

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It is fall in New England. The leaves are in full force and so is the fall conference season. We have had a few busy weeks with our team heading to 6 shows in 4 weeks! Here are some of the highlights.


NYGamesWe started with a quick trip to the Big Apple and the DMW Games show early September. The show brings together senior game, media and investment leaders focused on networking, meetings and deal-making. We had some great discussions with game companies who are looking for higher margin and operationally efficient ways to accept payments within their games and across multiple platforms. In addition to cross-platform payment acceptance they are looking for ways to attract global players. Our client-side encryption APIs provide a single point of integration giving merchants access to all the functionality they need to reach global players while reducing their PCI compliance.


At the same time, on the west coast we were exhibiting at TechCrunch’s Disrupt in San Francisco. The team had some fantastic conversations with developers, business owners and payment gurus about the challenges of selling overseas. We continue to hear from merchants who are looking for a single gateway that can help them sell globally as they grow to serve more markets.

The following week it was on to Sin City for the Electronic Retailing’s Direct Response Forum D2C Convention. The show was filled with celebs from Terrell Owens to Debbie Gibson to Shark Tank’s Kevin Harrington. Of course our SVP of Global Development, Jeff Coppolo snapped a few photos along the way. We heard from merchants looking for call center payment solutions and scalable options for selling into Latin America. Our global reach into 180 countries with 110 payment types helped to drive those conversations, including our solution in Brazil with Boleto.

A short plane ride away our CEO, Ralph Dangelmaier was speaking to the top private equity firms, payment investors and venture capitalist at the William Blair conference in Chicago. The talk focused on the enormous market opportunity for merchants to capitalize on the globalization of mobile commerce and how BlueSnap is helping these merchant capture international sales with just one gateway.


We finished our fall tour with the eCommerce Expo in London. Our London team exhibited at the show, which was bustling with eCommerce merchants looking for solutions to handle cross-border payments. The team fielded numerous inquires from merchants looking for a global solution but with a single integration that still provides a local checkout experience.


Next up is Money2020 November 2-5 in Las Vegas!  What shows did you attend this year? And which do you plan to attend in 2015?

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Get on the Alibaba IPO Bandwagon with Alipay

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It has been an exciting few weeks for the payment industry with the Apple Pay announcement and the IPO of Alibaba which is now the largest in US history. Global merchants are taking notice of the ecommerce giant and their popularity in China using their payment affiliate, Alipay as the preferred online payment method. In 2013 alone, Alipay processed $519 billlion payments. Alipay_logo_0

In the past few weeks we’ve seen an increase in our merchants who are offering AliPay as a payment type in their checkout pages. With over 550 million registered users, Alipay helps our merchants expand their global sales in the Chinese market by providing a familiar local payment method.

Alipay is just one of the payment types that BlueSnap offers merchants to convert Chinese shoppers to buyers. Currently we have 110 different payment types, 60 currencies and 30 languages which helps merchants reach shoppers in 180 countries.

According to Juniper Research 56% of people said receiving information in their own language and payment type was even more important than price and shopping cart abandonment rates are reduced when a shopper feels like they are buying directly from the local shop down the street.

So, what are you waiting for? Get on the bandwagon and start offering alipay to reach Chinese consumers. Existing BlueSnap merchant? Just email merchant support and have them turn on Alipay as a payment method.
*Photo courtesy of pandodaily.

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Powering the Global Checkout for PreSonus

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PreSonus, a leading designer and manufacturer of audio-recording and live-sound technology, and longtime client, has launched a new online store using our latest hosted checkout pages and APIs. The new checkout page will allow PreSonus to sell in 29 languages, 60 currencies and 180 countries with 110 payment options, making it easier than ever to get their studio-quality recording equipment into the hands of talented musicians, producers and engineers all over the world.

With a team composed of respected musicians and sound engineers, PreSonus has developed some of the world’s most innovative and reliable audio technology from its headquarters in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Global demand for the company’s products motivated PreSonus to expand its partnership with us.  Today, they upgraded their BlueSnap checkout pages to achieve higher sales conversions, expand global reach and consolidate multiple online stores that were gained through recent acquisitions.

PreSonus created a new and improved online store using our BuyNow hosted checkout templates. The new pages detect shoppers’ locations and automatically provide local language, currency and payment options on any web device. In addition, the checkout pages will help PreSonus protect payment card information while minimizing the costs and headaches of maintaining PCI compliance.

We are super excited to support their new online store…Check it out at https://shop.presonus.com/


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Client Side Encryption API Ready for iOS 8

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Historically, Apple sees swift adoption rates for new devices and operating systems. In fact, 74% of Apple’s mobile device users upgraded to iOS 7 within 3 months of release. Anticipating a similar adoption rate for iOS 8, we’ve updated our Client Side Encryption API to support shoppers using iOS 8. This will ensure that shoppers who update their iPhones and iPads will benefit from the same encryption strategy that allows BlueSnap to protect payment card information on all web devices.

The Client Side Encryption API encrypts sensitive payment fields on the checkout page on the shopper’s device before the information is sent to the merchant’s server. The encrypted information is then sent to BlueSnap’s servers, decrypted and processed. Checkout more here.


As one of the most flexible gateways on the market, we allow merchants to integrate using our extensive library of APIs, APIs with client side encryption and hosted checkout pages. Merchants can reach shoppers in 180 countries who will be able to purchase products and services in 29 languages and 60 currencies using 110 different payment options. On all devices, we automatically localize the checkout experience based on the shopper’s geographical location and intelligently re-routes failed transactions to help increase transaction success rates.


Have your heard? We have a new weekly newsletter “Going Global – Thinking outside the Borders” that will feature the latest press releases, case studies, featured articles, recently added product features and much more! Sign up today. (Scroll to the bottom of the page to the “Get in Touch with us” section and enter your email to sign up.)

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Making Cross-Border eCommerce Easier for Online Merchants with iGlobal

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Did you know that you’re not allowed to send a pair of matching shoes to South Africa, Mexico or India according to DHL? Sending toothbrushes to Algeria, diaries to Argentina and plastic flowers to Nigeria are all customs violations too. Strange right? These are just a few examples of why when trying to sell cross-border you should work with a shipping expert who can ensure that you avoid these mistakes. BlueSnap is happy to announce that we are partnering with iGlobal Stores, who address complex eCommerce and logistics challenges for merchants.

The BlueSnap-iGlobal partnership is significant news for online merchants that want to minimize risks and maximize sales abroad. As Multichannel Merchant’s MCM Outlook 2014 Survey reported, only 27 percent of U.S. ecommerce merchants are set up to sell internationally. The BlueSnap-iGlobal partnership will help merchants overcome the barriers to international commerce and beat competitors to untapped markets. A single checkout page will integrate BlueSnap’s payment gateway with iGlobal’s conversion optimization technology.


With as little as two lines of code, iGlobal can automate the aspects of international ecommerce that normally drain time and create stress for cross-border merchants. At checkout, iGlobal can automate calculations of duties, taxes, clearance fees and shipping costs to ensure that customers know exactly what they are paying. iGlobal’s proprietary logic engine can also recognize restricted items or brand relationship violations, ensuring that merchants avoid legal hiccups. Overall, iGlobal minimizes manual calculations, costly inaccuracies and legal risks.


iGlobal perfectly complements BlueSnap’s global payment gateway, which allows merchants to dynamically generate local checkout pages in 180 countries, 30 languages, 60+ currencies and with 110 payment types. Using BlueSnap’s Global Payment Gateway, merchants can easily provide localized checkout experiences, meet compliance standards and minimize transaction failures with little or no development required.

join webinar

To learn more about the integration, join BlueSnap CEO Ralph Dangelmaier and iGlobal President Clint Reid for “Cross-Border’s $4 Trillion Problem,” a PYMNTS.com Digital Discussion hosted by Karen Webster, CEO of Market Platform Dynamics. To learn more about the discussion and register, click here.

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Helping Game Companies Monetize – TechnologyAdvice Podcast

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The BlueSnap team has a busy fall conference season coming up with plans to exhibit and sponsor at several key shows. One of those key shows is the DMW Games conference in New York City on September 8th. This will be our second year attending, but first time as a sponsor and we are excited to meet with game companies who are looking to monetize their game and increase revenues. Joe Twer, our resident gaming expert and Director of Sales at BlueSnap spent a few minutes talking with Clark Buckner of TechnologyAdvice about how BlueSnap is helping game companies monetize in this competitive market and why we are sponsoring DMW Games.

Here is a summary of the podcast:

Jump to 1:16 “I think the big thing for BlueSnap that we see is, especially in the gaming space is that companies aren’t really set up to offer a streamlined, global offering within their game.”

“This is a huge opportunity for BlueSnap to offer up this single integration to allow players from over 180 countries to play and purchase virtual items from within that game.”

Jump to 3:36 “BlueSnap has been in the payment space over 10 years and has seen the evolution of gaming and its very interesting lifecycle; from Subscriptions to Facebook, to F2P type of games. Mobile is the new challenge. As games become more and more popular they lose more and more profitability, up to 30% to app stores or mobile carriers. If gaming companies can route their payments from within their game to a much more streamlined and profitable partner that’s way better for the company.”

Jump to 5:20 If a game is just starting out and they need the exposure to their game Joe suggests getting the game on popular platforms to gain popularity in the space and saturate the market. But once the game has gained momentum then you want to start looking at operational efficiency and profitability measures and this is where BlueSnap can help.

Jump to: 6:30 For example BlueSnap has been powering the in-game purchase experience for customer Disruptor Beam, with the game “Game of Thrones Ascent”. The CEO likes to say “It just works. I don’t even know it is there.”


This interview was done with Clark Buckner of TechnologyAdvice. Clark is always on the hunt for insightful conversations with leaders in the tech industry including deep dives into the gamification space, digital media strategies, data visualization tools & trends and much more. He manages an online tech events calendar of major tech events including Casual Connect (BlueSnap is a sponsor).

Check out the complete podcast here or click the player below.

And be sure to stop by and see us at DMW Games on September 8th! Look for the orange candy and Blue sunglasses. :-)

CasualConnectCandy2 CasuaConnectSunglasses

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Future of eCommerce – CEO Interview on Mint.com

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BlueSnap CEO, Ralph Dangelmaier

Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 1.28.15 PM

We’ve been featured on Mint.com! Check out our CEO’s interview on the Future of eCommerce here.

Here is a preview of the interview:

Businesses around the world are looking for opportunities to grow their brand and reach new audiences, and this race to globalize has been a huge driver of innovation for how we handle payments online.

“Where some were able to build entire businesses around simple U.S.-based credit card transactions, the goal now will be to serve the world,” says Ralph Dangelmaier, CEO of BlueSnap, provider of eCommerce solutions. “And with mCommerce growth outpacing traditional eCommerce by 200 percent, we can expect the race to a complete digital wallet to intensify in the near future.”

BlueSnap is leading the charge in offering localized, secure and easy-to-use payment systems to merchants worldwide. Here, Ralph offers his insight on the biggest challenges facing merchants as they expand and also shares best practices for smart growth in the realm of online payments.

Read the rest of the interview here.

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Magisto Chooses BlueSnap to Fuel International Growth

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If you are like most people you probably have over 400 photos on your smartphone and maybe 100 or so videos. What do you do with all those photos besides post to Facebook and Instagram? Enter Magisto, a new BlueSnap customer. Magisto can automatically transform those photos and video clips into a short stylized home video using their cloud-based mobile video platform in three easy steps.

Magisto compiles a visual, audio and storytelling analysis that adds Hollywood-style suspense, emotion and excitement to home videos. Magisto has grown to over 35 million users since its launch in 2011, with over 250 million videos created. In 2014, Magisto was named to the Red Herring Europe Top 100 list, which recognizes the region’s most exciting startups.

Screen Shot 2014-06-13 at 12.16.12 PM


Given this tremendous growth over a short period of time, Magisto needed a reliable way to sell to consumers around the world. As an Israel-based startup, Magisto needed to sell in dozens of foreign countries without the burden of managing legal and financial obligations in each country. BlueSnap was the ideal solution for simplifying their cross-border sales needs.

Magisto also needed a platform that could handle a mix of monthly subscription billing and one-time charges per video.  With the use of our Smart Subscriptions services they are able to offer free trials, time-bound promotions and much more. Customers can manage their own subscription plans, billing information and account history with the shopper management tools we provide.  In addition, Magisto can use our real-time analytics to track conversion rates, gauge income from long-term subscribers, analyze failed transactions and track the sales funnel which is vital to maintaining a successful subscription-based revenue model.

Finally, Magisto needed a payment gateway that was easy to integrate and didn’t have regional limitations.  BlueSnap’s hosted checkout pages was the ideal solution since it supports sales in 180 countries with dynamic localization in 29 languages, 60 currencies and 110 different payment types – without any additional coding. By simply dropping our PCI compliant hosted checkout pages into their website, Magisto is equipped to expand into new markets at will, with a localized checkout experience that took no development time to create.

“As a fast-growing startup, we needed a global payment gateway that would eliminate the heavy lifting so we could focus on our product and our customers,” said Oren Boiman, co-founder and CEO of Magisto. “BlueSnap was the best solution available. We’re selling around the world, and our development team gets to focus on building the world’s best personal video creation platform.”

We’re proud to partner with Magisto in their entrepreneurial journey. Be sure and check them out today and have some fun creating some memorable videos. The marketing team at BlueSnap did, watch it here!

“BlueSnap”, its logo, and “Smart Subscriptions” are trademarks of BlueSnap, Inc.

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New Connector with Avalara Adds Tax Help to BlueSnap’s Services

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One of the long time problems for e-commerce has been complying with sales tax law in a wide variety of jurisdictions. As global commerce has expanded, more and more companies are facing these challenges in an even wider expanse of locations. That’s why BlueSnap and Avalara are teaming up to help companies.

As a result of the partnership, BlueSnap merchants can now use Avalara’s AvaTax™ capabilities from within their existing workflow to automatically calculate the final tax amount on every invoice. This provides BlueSnap users with a cost effective way to simplify the complexity of calculating taxes in more than 100 countries worldwide with ecommerce-class scale, speed, and reliability.

“Calculating duty and sales tax is extremely complicated, and given the different compliance rules worldwide, many merchants constantly worry about meeting their tax obligations,” said Jeff Coppolo, head of Global Business Development at BlueSnap. “Our partnership with Avalara will allow merchants to easily manage and remain compliant on increasingly complicated tax regulations, giving them more time to focus on their core offering.”

We’re excited to be working with Avalara to implement solutions that work for our merchants.

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Alibaba IPO Boosts Alipay & Mobile Payments to Center Stage

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Who has time for the bank anymore? For most, a trip to a physical branch is an antiquated process where our paychecks are deposited, our credit card and utility bills are paid, and currency is changed prior to an overseas trip. But most of these tasks can be done online.

This sentiment also rings true in Asia, particularly in China, where 80% of 618 million internet users go online wirelessly and where high-interest web banks are on the rise.

A triad of tech giants currently dominate China’s internet: Alibaba Group in e-commerce, Tencent Holdings in games and Baidu Inc. in search. These three companies are relatively unknown outside China. But that’s likely to change now that Alibaba filed Tuesday for a U.S. initial public offering.

The rise of e-commerce in China gave millions access to electronics, books, clothes and beauty products. That was aided by Alibaba’s launch of Alipay, an online payment system, which filled the gap for shoppers who lacked credit cards. According to the IPO filing, Alipay processed $519 billion of payments in 2013.

China third-party online payment market share in 2013

Alipay is just one of the payment types that BlueSnap offers merchants to convert Chinese shoppers to buyers. With over 550 million registered users, Alipay helps our merchants expand their global sales in the Chinese market by providing a familiar local payment method.

We’re very excited to see the momentum Alipay is swiftly gaining and the growing number of product integrations we offer our merchants.

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