Spring Cleaning for your Subscription Model: Volume Two

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How did your Spring cleaning go last week? Hopefully you got some good recycling done by using Dunning Management. This week we have a new installment for you that will continue to help you reduce, reuse, and recycle. So keep the cleaning going with Automated Subscription Reminders.

Spring Cleaning for your Subscription Model: Volume One

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We know that sometimes maintaining a successful subscription model can be hard! So what better time to fix it up than Spring Cleaning! We will have a series of blogs over a couple of weeks focused on how to freshen up your subscription billing world. We’ve essentially created a checklist for your Spring Cleaning (you can thank us later).

Cross-Border Payments Are the New Black

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Did you miss our CEO, Ralph Dangelmaier, speaking at ETA TRANSACT 15 today in San Francisco? Not to worry – here’s your summary straight from the source.

Global Payments Madness 2015!

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Happy March Madness everyone! In the true spirit of this time of year, we thought we would have a little fun experimenting with our alternative payment methods (in bracket form, of course). There are over 500+ payment types in the world - we just chose a small sliver of the market to play with to illustrate some of the local payment types needed to reach global shoppers. See below to check out our attempt at a bracket for the Sweet Sixteen, Elite Eight, and Final Four in what we like to call “Global Payments Madness 2015"!

Shopping Cart (Abandonment) Gone Wild!

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Shopping cart abandonment is a real problem for online merchants. Studies show that an average of 67% of carts are abandoned – that’s a lot of lonely carts! Below you will find 5 suggestions for how you can keep those carts full and guide them all the way to your checkout.

Rainbows, Shamrock Shakes, Hosted Payment Pages and a Pot-o-Gold

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From the desk of our very own Peter Caparso:

A couple years ago after being battered by a New England winter that wouldn’t stop (much like the one this year, ugh), my family and I made an impromptu trip to Hawaii to soak up the sun. After a 16+ hour trip, we arrived to a rainy, wet day in paradise. On the drive to the hotel, just like a Hollywood movie – the rain stopped, the clouds cleared and a beautiful rainbow appeared in the sky. Jokingly I said to my family, let’s follow it and see where it takes us. As we chased the rainbow, we found ourselves staring at a McDonald’s parking lot with a huge sign advertising Shamrock Shakes for a limited time! Luckily for my family, we had found our pot of gold that day.

Your Mission, Should You Choose To Accept It: Intelligent Payment Routing!

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Looking for new ways to increase sales conversions? Look no further. The secret you've been missing is: intelligent payment routing! It is an easy way to increase sales without actually having to sell more (and who doesn't want that?). What is it, you ask? Intelligent payment routing is essentially a connection to multiple banks all over the world - this connection helps you process transactions more successfully by detecting where the shopper's credit card is from and processing it through a bank that is authorized in that country/region. This can increase transaction success rates by up to 10% - don't lose out on your hard-earned money!

Conference Season Heats Up: CNP Expo Update!

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From the desk of our very own Ralph Dangelmaier:

I am so excited to be a keynote speaker at the 2015 CNP Expo! Run by the talented team at Card Not Present, this year’s show will be held May 18-21 at Caribe Royale Orlando. This three-day event will focus entirely on e-commerce / CNP payment issues and foster an open and frank dialogue with respected experts from every corner of the CNP space.


Newest Customer Success Story: MyLife!

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We are pleased to announce one of our newest customers, MyLife. MyLife is an online service that helps people protect their privacy, reputation and identity against stalkers, thieves and others with malicious intentions; it’s like an online body guard! Since Generation Y spends over 50 days a year on the Internet, we see the real world application for this service.

The Where’s Waldo of eCommerce: Where’s the Biggest Global ROI?

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As a business owner, there is always one question on your mind: how am I going to grow my business? Sometimes it’s not always the easiest question to answer. There are many ways to grow a business, however, as the world is becoming flatter and flatter, there is an increasingly large opportunity for businesses who expand globally (in fact, it is a 4 trillion dollar growth opportunity!). Making your business internationally friendly is a step in the right direction for those who are looking to grow their businesses.