Mythbusters: 5 Myths About Payments

August 27, 2015 ~ Hanna Wolsfelt ~ Leave a comment


Just call us the Mythbusters, because this week we’re dropping some knowledge that refutes some of the myths you may have heard wandering around on the eCommerce street corners. From credit cards, to EMV, to checkout pages (oh, my), we’re helping you debunk these myths to create the most successful eCommerce site possible.  

Coffee Powers Scott Fitzgerald to Join BlueSnap

August 19, 2015 ~ Hanna Wolsfelt ~ Leave a comment


We are pleased to announce that we have a new member to our team! Scott Fitzgerald is our new SVP of Marketing. Scott comes to BlueSnap with a blend of marketing, sales and general management experience in payments and enterprise technology. Scott most recently worked at ACI Worldwide where he held VP-level positions in product management and marketing. During his tenure at ACI, Scott was instrumental in the company’s global rebranding and in expressing the vision and strategy for ACI Universal Payments. Prior to joining ACI, Scott held senior sales and marketing positions at CA Technologies. His ultimate goal at every job is to give the customers a voice, and he certainly plans to bring this to BlueSnap as well.

3 Ways to Ace Your Back-To-School eCommerce Strategy

August 13, 2015 ~ Hanna Wolsfelt ~ Leave a comment


Pack your backpacks kids, ‘cuz we’re going back to school. In the midst of picking out the perfect outfit that will finally get Tommy from calculus to notice you, we at BlueSnap are here to help you calculate the impact your eCommerce store could have on this crucial time of year. Get your glitter gel pens ready and pay attention, because you are about to get schooled in back-to-school eCommerce.


4 Tips to Keep Your Subscription Model Up-To-Date and Retain Customers

August 06, 2015 ~ Hanna Wolsfelt ~ Leave a comment


Chef-made meals. Dog treats. Makeup. Software. More and more businesses are employing eCommerce subscription models, and customers are rapidly accepting them. Subscription models not only build customer relationships but are also a way to cultivate loyalty for you and your brand. But even if you have a subscription model for your business, are you doing everything right?

BlueSnap's Thoughts from the 2015 GO eCommerce Conference in Israel

August 02, 2015 ~ Meir Gefen ~ Leave a comment


BlueSnap attended the 2015 GO eCommerce Conference in Israel on July 22nd, 2015. This was a great event organized by Meda Conferences, in collaboration with the Israeli E-Commerce Executive Forum and NEXTER by Mako, one of the largest Israeli media and news companies. It is the largest ecommerce event in Israel, with over 1,000 participants, which presented the current directions and trends of the Israeli ecommerce realm. We were happy to be a part of it.

3 Never Before Seen Growth Hacks to Take Your eCommerce Company Global

July 30, 2015 ~ Hanna Wolsfelt ~ Leave a comment


We’ve all heard it before, and we’ll probably hear it again (here at BlueSnap we’re practically screaming it from the rooftops): to take your company global you need the right combination of localization (languages, currencies, payment types) and partnerships (banks, vendors, etc.) to be successful globally. But what about those things that are behind the scenes that might not be so obvious? For this blog post, we’re taking you behind the curtain to help you make your global strategy more successful than ever.

How to Prepare Your eCommerce Site for the Holidays & Make the Nice List

July 22, 2015 ~ Hanna Wolsfelt ~ Leave a comment


It’s Christmas in July! Believe it or not, the holidays are right around the corner. If you haven’t started preparing for the holiday eCommerce season yet, then its time to get moving. With Amazon’s Prime Day in our rearview from last week, we decided to prepare a list for you to organize your eCommerce store and check it twice to have a successful holiday season. 

It's a Small World After All, Greece...

July 15, 2015 ~ Peter Caparso ~ Leave a comment


When I was a small child my parents decided that for our big summer trip, we would visit the happiest place on earth, Disney World. Twenty hours in a wood paneled stationwagon and a couple south of the border stickers later, we were in Orlando.


I remember the first day we went to the park, I wanted to ride the tea-cups and the flying dumbo’s but my mother insisted we go on “it’s a small world”. While on the ride, I remember seeing all the different cultures and customs of the world, smiling and singing (as only Disney can do it) yet all intertwined and connected. This was my first view of how small the world really was.


How To: Choose Your eCommerce Integration Method (Correctly!)

July 09, 2015 ~ Sharon Troia ~ Leave a comment


Choosing an integration method for your eCommerce business is not always easy - sometimes you need a little bit of everything, sometimes one integration can get you what you need. We have compiled a list of three popular integration methods and the key benefits to each, to help you streamline this process and choose the best option for your company.

3 Shocking Things Merchants Say When Thinking About Global Payments

June 25, 2015 ~ Sharon Troia ~ Leave a comment


I tagged along with our CEO, Ralph Dangelmaier and Head of Business Development, Jeff Coppolo, to some meetings last week in Silicon Valley, aka “the heart of technology.” These companies are hot and growing faster than Katy Perry’s Twitter followers, but for all of the incredible technology talent, people are always shocked when they realize their payments systems are not as functional as they think.