How Things Work: Intelligent Payment Routing

November 24, 2015 ~ Terry Monteith ~ Leave a comment


Many factors are needed to make a shopper’s buying process frictionless. One factor many don’t think of is what goes on “behind the scenes” to determine whether a shopper’s payment will be successful or be declined. The key lies in Intelligent Payment Routing, which means sending the transaction to the acquiring bank (which is a bank that processes transactions on behalf of a merchant) where it is most likely to succeed. Traditional payment providers are either connected to one acquiring bank in a region or require merchants to obtain their own acquiring merchant account in each region. By connecting our merchants to a global network of acquirers and providing the merchant accounts necessary, the Powered Buy Platform is designed to get you the best payment conversion rates using intelligent payment routing.

Giving Thanks For Good Fraud Prevention

November 23, 2015 ~ Mike Misasi ~ Leave a comment


Fraud is an unfortunate fact of life in the eCommerce world. It doesn’t matter how much you sell, where you’re located, or where your customers are located. If you accept credit cards on your website, you need to be prepared for fraud. So in the spirit of Thanksgiving, let’s give thanks for the vendors that support merchants’ fraud prevention strategies. Without them, much of the innovation that is occurring in the payments industry would not be possible.

How the EMV Shift Stole Christmas (And Your Holiday Shopping)

November 19, 2015 ~ Hanna Wolsfelt ~ Leave a comment


It’s beginning to look a lot like EMV is going to steal our Christmas (shopping). The Grinch that has been confusing everyone since its start on October 1st is now predicted to wreak havoc on holiday shopping as well. While the EMV shift is causing card-present users to be more secure, it is leaving unintended and frosty drawbacks to shoppers and merchants alike. Let’s look at 4 ways that EMV could impact your checkout this season.

Two Easy Ways to Create a Frictionless Checkout in the API

November 17, 2015 ~ Emil Ray ~ Leave a comment


Nothing is more frustrating than getting your shoppers all the way to the checkout page, only to have them abandon the purchase because the checkout process is too difficult. To eliminate this conversion problem, many merchants are focusing on building a truly frictionless checkout experience. Now, the question is, what are the best tools that you can use to streamline this process for your customers?

Is Cyber Monday the New Black (Friday)?

November 12, 2015 ~ Hanna Wolsfelt ~ Leave a comment


Black Friday, the infamous day where millions descend upon retailers all across the country to save a couple bucks and try to avoid getting trampled by others. Though a longstanding tradition in American culture, people have begun to turn on the holiday originally meant to get merchants “into the black”. Retailers have slowly begun announcing that their stores will not open as early as in previous years. And some, like REI, have announced that their stores will not be open at all. Is this because these retailers really care about the “family bonding” that the Thanksgiving holiday is intending to bring, or is there a new sheriff in town that will be directing customers online instead of in-store?


Are You, like Target, Missing the Cross-Border eCommerce Opportunity?

November 10, 2015 ~ Hanna Wolsfelt ~ Leave a comment


In case you missed the news, Target recently announced that it would be creating a whole new website specifically for their cross-border eCommerce customers. Wait, what? Apparently, Target realized that they had an immense cross-border opportunity (millions of customers) that they were missing out on because the U.S. site was just not accommodating. Though many eCommerce merchants may not be as big as Target, this is a common ($300 billion) opportunity many merchants don’t even know that they have. But how can merchants fix their cross-border problem without creating a new website? Simple - follow the path to conversions!


3 Signs You Should Follow REIs Black Friday Plan to Excel in eCommerce

November 05, 2015 ~ Hanna Wolsfelt ~ Leave a comment


In case you missed the news, REI has announced that it will be closing its doors on Black Friday. The outdoor lifestyle brand is urging people to get outside on this day, but also reminds its customers that, most importantly, the website is always open. Holiday eCommerce sales are predicted to reach record heights this season (up 6-8% compared to last year) as more and more customers are turning to their computers and phones for shopping. While this effort follows closely with REI’s brand, have they secretly cracked the code to making more money this holiday season?

How To Avoid a Payment Conversion Meltdown with Payment Analytics

November 03, 2015 ~ Trevor Black ~ Leave a comment


Conversions. A key metric for any online seller. Some don’t track the metrics at all (a big mistake as you can’t improve what you don’t measure) and others might track the data in great detail but not know how to improve the numbers. Using a few simple tricks, many online merchants can save themselves from a payment conversion meltdown. Let’s illustrate how to improve an eCommerce site with payment analytics using a fictitious merchant (your results may vary unless you too are fictitious).

Introducing the Powered Buy Platform™

October 26, 2015 ~ Ralph Dangelmaier ~ Leave a comment


I am proud to announce our latest innovation in payments, the Powered Buy Platform™. Over the past several years, we have focused on solving a business challenge for merchants across the globe: delivering the frictionless checkout experience consumers demand while maximizing payment conversions. Today’s announcement of the Powered Buy Platform™ is our answer to meet this challenge head on.


You Have a Conversion Problem, You Just Don't Know It

October 22, 2015 ~ Sharon Troia ~ Leave a comment


As eCommerce merchants, you spend thousands of dollars to get people to your website. You spend a great deal of time trying to attract and convert new and recurring shoppers - it’s exhausting, but so worth it! The more shoppers that come into your website, the more products you sell! There’s a clear ROI.


Now, let's say you’ve spent all that time and energy and your attraction engine is dialed in. Your business is humming right along and shoppers are pouring into your site every day, from places you never dreamed you would service, ready to make a purchase. In an ideal world, no one would abandon their cart, all checkout pages would be frictionless, and every attempted transaction would get approved. Can you imagine how much that would boost your bottom line? Unfortunately, this ideal scenario is not yet a reality. There is a conversion problem that often gets ignored.