Take That And Rewind It Back: CNP Expo Recap

May 29, 2015 ~ Kimberly R ~ Leave a comment


Last week we had fun in the sun attending, exhibiting and speaking at the 4th Annual Card Not Present Expo (CNP Expo) in Orlando, Florida. We were happy to break out our sunscreen after this awful winter, and we were not alone – there were nearly 1000 attendees at the show! We networked, learned, and discussed all things related to payments, and had a few margaritas together. For those of you that missed the fun, we wanted to give you a Top Five list of the most important things we learned down at the show David Letterman style (RIP late night).

We Are The (CNP Expo Awards) Champions, My Friends!

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We have some exciting news! As you may know, this week we are at the CNP Expo in Orlando, FL. Every year, the CNP Expo holds an awards ceremony honoring the companies, programs and solutions that have distinguished themselves in the card-not-present space during the past year. The winners were announced today at the show and we are VERY happy to announce that our Alternative Payment Solution & Subscription Billing Program have both earned a Customer Choice Award and the latter has been awarded Best-in-Category as well at the 4th Annual Card Not Present (CNP) Awards!! 

Stop, Thief! - 7 Tips To Fight eCommerce Fraud

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Ding ding ding! The fight has begun - your eCommerce business vs. fraudsters. Who will be KO'ed - you or the fraudsters? Lets hope these 7 Tips To Fight eCommerce Fraud will help you become the easy victor in this battle. 


The Real Reason Merchants Should Invest in CNP Fraud Prevention

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Ready or not, EMV is coming to the United States. Most people in the industry acknowledge that there’s no turning back now. The October 2015 liability shift is a short 6 months away.

If you accept credit cards online, you’ve probably been told to brace yourself for a tidal wave of fraud. “EMV locks down the point of sale,” the argument goes. “Fraudsters will be able to use stolen card numbers only for online purchases. Head for the hills eCommerce merchants!”

When Life Gives You Lemons, Don't Make It Complicated

May 01, 2015 ~ hanna.wolsfelt ~ Leave a comment


As a payment gateway company, we are all too familiar with the struggles of creating an eCommerce checkout - and that is why we make it our mission to reverse that struggle for both merchants and customers! We created this e-lemonade video to parody some of the things NOT to do on your eCommerce site, check it out:

Spring Cleaning for your Subscription Model: Volume Three

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Spring Cleaning is almost over! (*gasp*) How are your subscription services looking? While the last couple weeks have been about recycling, this week is about flexibility - because how else are you going to clean the cobwebs out from the space behind the washer and dryer? (Not that easily). Flexibility is huge for a company, especially when integrating a subscription model, because if your customers don’t have many options to try your product, the likelihood is that they won’t try it at all. In terms of flexibility for a subscription model, there are many different things you can do: free trials/coupons, custom plans, you name it! So let’s get started!

Spring Cleaning for your Subscription Model: Volume Two

April 16, 2015 ~ Hanna Wolsfelt ~ Leave a comment


How did your Spring cleaning go last week? Hopefully you got some good recycling done by using Dunning Management. This week we have a new installment for you that will continue to help you reduce, reuse, and recycle. So keep the cleaning going with Automated Subscription Reminders.

Spring Cleaning for your Subscription Model: Volume One

April 10, 2015 ~ hanna.wolsfelt ~ Leave a comment


We know that sometimes maintaining a successful subscription model can be hard! So what better time to fix it up than Spring Cleaning! We will have a series of blogs over a couple of weeks focused on how to freshen up your subscription billing world. We’ve essentially created a checklist for your Spring Cleaning (you can thank us later).

Cross-Border Payments Are the New Black

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Did you miss our CEO, Ralph Dangelmaier, speaking at ETA TRANSACT 15 today in San Francisco? Not to worry – here’s your summary straight from the source.

Global Payments Madness 2015!

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Happy March Madness everyone! In the true spirit of this time of year, we thought we would have a little fun experimenting with our alternative payment methods (in bracket form, of course). There are over 500+ payment types in the world - we just chose a small sliver of the market to play with to illustrate some of the local payment types needed to reach global shoppers. See below to check out our attempt at a bracket for the Sweet Sixteen, Elite Eight, and Final Four in what we like to call “Global Payments Madness 2015"!